The Top 5 Car Alarms to buy

In order to protect your car from thieves, you need to have a reliable car alarm. A good car alarm system should be able to serve as a deterrent to thieves and a response system. There are a variety of these alarms to choose from which makes it a bit difficult to select the right one. Here are five of the top car alarm systems that can help you in securing your investment.

Viper 5901

The Viper 5901 is a blend of car alarm and wireless starter. It provides you with the facility to monitor your car from a tiny remote control unit. An LCD screen on the remote will show you anything that is happening to your car. The level of security can also be seen on the remote like the status of the security system, engine is running or not, doors are locked or not.

This car alarm has all the basic door, alarm and starter utilities. If an unauthorized person opens the door or breaks the window, the alarm will trigger and notification will show on the remote. Any disturbance on the car will sound the alarm. Another outstanding feature of Viper 5901 is its remote start facility. You can start the engine and turn the air conditioner or heater on via the remote. The Viper 5901 also functions as a keyless entry. Finally, the remote can be replaced with a smart phone.

Python 991

The Python 991 is a fully loaded car alarm system with lots of features you would want for your car security. You will be informed when something is happening to your vehicle such as when someone is trying to steal it. This car alarm is armed with all the basic functions of an alarm system plus more. There are six siren choices that will sound when a door is unlocked, and the remote also functions as keyless entry. It has a shock sensor that will notify you every time the car is moved. As soon as your vehicle is moved, the alarm will be automatically sounded and a message will appear on the remote. Another excellent feature of the Python 991 is the starter-kill function that when utilized will instantly prevent the vehicleís engine from running. Its sensors will notify you of any disturbance that is happening to your car and reminds you to apply the starter-kill option. You can have a peace of mind when you leave your car if it has the Python 991 car alarm system.

Prestige APS596N

If you are looking for a simple yet effective car alarm, consider having the Prestige APS596N. It has all the basic features of an extremely effective car alarm system. From sounding the alarm to locking the doors to opening the trunk, this car alarm can do them all. The alarm will be automatically armed after you go out of your car and pressing the lock button. You can program the alarm to produce no sound or visual proof when you press the unlock button so as not to disturb anybody in the vicinity.

Aside from the basic function of locking and unlocking doors, it also has shock sensors which will alert you whenever something unusual is happening to your car. The remote start facility is an optional function that can be added to your Prestige APS596N.

Crime Guard 750i6

The Crime Guard 750i6 is a sleek car alarm that packs loads of features you would expect for your car security. It has a multi-tone alarm with different sirens to choose from. The alarm is activated with just one push of a button and the remote can be set to vibrate to alert you silently whenever your carís condition changes. It also features a door and shock sensors that will instantly alert you when there is someone trying to break into your car. This alarm will give you several options when the alarm is triggered; you can disable the alarm or you can reset it while keeping it armed or you can utilize the starter-kill facility. The latter option will totally halt the carís engine from turning on, and this is very effective in preventing crooks from stealing your car. A remote start function is also available as an optional feature.

Clarion SR6000

The Clarion SR6000 is a versatile car alarm system where you can do more -- from remotely starting your car to monitoring the temperature to timing the parking meter. The small and sleek remote features an LCD screen that enables you to manage the alarm system. You can carry out different functions by simply pushing a button or a combination of buttons. Whenever the state of your car changes, the alarm will notify you along with the information detailing the area where the sensor was triggered. The remote can also be set to vibrate along with audio and visual notifications so you wonít miss any warning. A starter-kill function is also an important feature of this alarm as it will stop the carís engine from running when the alarm is set off. The starter-kill is protected by an anti-code grabbing facility that prevents anybody from immobilizing it.